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Took a Ride Today...... [Oct. 11th, 2005|06:26 pm]
Shattered Death Community and RL Journal of Magest


One of my roommates got something of a free trading site that runs in the area, called Freecycle. Everything on it is free, and usually just needs to be picked up.

Well, she get something from Northampton. She asked if i wanted to tag along, so I could at least get out of the house for a while, and relax. I went along, not realizing that we were going there.

If I had known we were going to be in the vicinity of the old place where Ms X and I lived and did things together, I definitely would have kept my happy ass at home. But, I didn't know till we were in the car, so I was along for the ride.

I'm still royally pissed off at her and her behavior. After all we went through, and all I sacrificed for her, and her bullshit of leaving me, and giving me only one hour to pack. Then to add insult to injury, having to walk for 2 days to get to a place to stay, which was 40 miles away from where we were living in Greenfield. Going over our old stomping grounds merely enraged me to the point I had to physically bite my toungue from going off on a store clerk when I stopped at Walgreens, and they fucked up on something they had listed on sale.

Normally, I'm all sad and weepy when shit like this goes on. But this time, I have nothing but blinding rage and fury towards her and her bullshit. If she was in front of me, it would take every ounce of self control to keep from tearing her limb from limb, and rending her still beating heart from her ribcage.

But, I doubt I'll ever see or hear from her again. Better to have a fresh start, and have to start over, than to ever even lay eyes on her again.


Best bet is to just get the hell out of this state. I don't need the bullshit, and with the gun laws in this state, I cannot deal with living in this fucked up state any longer than I have to. Hopefully things will get better, and have a better place someday in the future.

From: zombiediva
2005-10-24 05:55 pm (UTC)
I was thinking about you the other day. Things will get better as time passes. Remember, what goes around, comes around. She sounds like the self destructive type, and I'm sure you are better off without her. Stuff, while you have a right to it, is just stuff. Hopefully things will get back on track real soon. Hugs.
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[User Picture]From: themagestorm
2005-10-24 05:59 pm (UTC)
Thanks. I'm hoping to get back on track. Working on some projects, which is why the updates on the story has been slow coming. But, they are coming.
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