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the frustrations of being online with arts [Dec. 5th, 2005|03:55 pm]
Shattered Death Community and RL Journal of Magest


Recently, Something Positive added a character from Queen of Wands. Those that followed both comics followed the end to QoW, and the small scene where Kestrel popped up in Boston with the Something Positive gang.

Randy recently had Kestrel pop up again, and is now adding her to the cast. Mind you, she's listed in the character's bios as supporting character, and not one of the main characters.

Fans went completely nuts. Many, like myself, were pleasantly shocked to see Kestrel pop back up, and a member of SP now. But a few bad eggs threw a fit. They thought Randy had just scooped up Aeire, stealing from her.

To this I have to say:

WHAT A BUNCH OF FUCKING MORONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1: Anyone in their right minds KNOW that Randy and Aeire worked rather closely together, doing crossovers many times. Only a stark raving idiot would REALLY think that Randy stole Kestrel from Aeire.

2: Something Positive is RANDY'S OWN COMIC, THEREFORE HIS OWN PROPERTY! He can put masturbating pixies into the thing if he wants. If he wanted to end his own comic, it IS HIS RIGHT TO DO SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3: If a fan doesn't like those facts, then shut the fuck up and stop being a whiny little bitch. Don't like it? Then go fuck yourself with a jumbo jet. Sideways if it will fit. Don't be pissing and moaning. If you don't like Kestrel in there, then either don't read those day's webcomics, or just don't read the comic.

I mean I had problems with fans throwing fits with my meager story when I killed people off, or went onto a tangent. Only once did I change how it was supposed to go, because people did not want Newt dead. But, that was more a rethinking of plans, and decided that time I needed to revisit the dreams and force a change.

But if Randy suddenly decided to have blue masturbating pixies one day, instead of the normal thing, then as the owner and creator of Something Positive, he has the right to. And I think he should. Teach some of these more rabid fanboys and fangirls to get the hell off his ass.

To Randy and Aeire:

I sincerely apologize for idiots on here, and give my vote of support. I have loved your comics ever since I found them online, and they even helped me decide to offer my stories online. Watching everyone go through their own troubles helped me deal with my own troubles in my life.

When Aeire decided to end Queen of Wands, I was disheartened. But when I saw Kestrel on Something Positive, I was pleasantly shocked, and happy to see that QoW, in some small part, goes on.

If some people are too stupid to realize that this is a good thing, they need to have a visit from Rippy the Razor, for the good of the gene pool. But please keep up the good work there. There are some of us who love what you do.

And Aeire, I do hope to see you in the saddle doing a new project someday. I know it can be frustrating, what with the fucktards loose from their keepers, but there are many decent people who miss seeing new art and work from you.

But both of you, keep your chin up, and remember the masturbating blue pixies. May they bukkake all over the morons.