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Well, this year seems to be off to a fun start [Jan. 19th, 2006|11:35 am]
Shattered Death Community and RL Journal of Magest


May you live in interesting times
-Ancient Chineese curse

Seems whenever things start getting better, they fall down and go boom. Case in point: My computer.

It ran fine till the 5th, when it decided to just up and die on me. I traced out the issue, and found that the hard drive was the culprit. It decided to have a sector zero error, killing the hard drive. But, because I just got it not that long ago, I tried to get ahold of Toshiba and get it fixed.

You'd think being in this area of Washington, they'd at least have a nearby service center. Nope. Closest one was in Oregon. They recommended me to take it to a UPS Store, and have it shipped to them. Come to find out, again nothing even close by. Instead of sending me the hard drive to replace on my own, they insisted that they needed me to send my whole computer to them.

So, I waited 2 days for the empty box to get here, filled with packing material and the return shipping label. Sent it off, and they recieved it on Thursday. Did they fix it then? Nope. Instead, they left it sitting on a shelf till Monday, and THEN worked on it.

They also replaced the motherboard in it, for unknown reasons. I got it back yesterday in the following condition:

Hard drive reimaged with a factory installer disc, but left unsealed, making it impossible to do anything.
Battery only holding about 30 minutes worth of charge, down from 90 minutes.
Left speaker doesn't even work.

Well, the battery is easy. THAT they'd fix without needing my whole computer, even though it would be an inconveniance to me waiting for it. The hard drive just needed a reformatting with the image disc included with the system.

But to fix the speaker means sending it back out again, leaving me without a computer for at least another 2 weeks.

No way in hell.

So I get to make do till something else goes wrong, or till they send a technician to me to fix the error, or they walk me through doing the repair my own damn self. The third option sounds good to me, because then I'm the moron putting it together.