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Production update [Feb. 7th, 2006|12:18 am]
Shattered Death Community and RL Journal of Magest


So far, script is in process for the first episode of Shattered Death, along with the Proof of Concept video for investors or donators.

Because I am on a uber tight budget, I'm having to get things set up in bits and pieces. Currently, I am having to use the Toshiba Satellite that I already own. Today, I went ahead and ordered a video capture/tv tuner USB device, which will allow standard television feeds, VCR, DVD Player, video game console, and even FM tuner to feed into the computer.

With this, it should allow me to go ahead and get either a digital video camera, or a standard video camera, and use the tuner capture device to convert it into digital. This should allow me to go ahead and edit and manipulate the feed.

Also found the programs needed to convert to and from Divx, burn to a blank DVD, add a secondary feed to the video feed, amd distribute it on the internet. I also found a few sites that would be able and willing to spread the finished product.

Once I get at least 1 camera, I can get Phase 1 complete, and start Phase 2.

[User Picture]From: themagestorm
2006-02-07 07:51 pm (UTC)
Well, the video capture gathered at present is not going to be the production tools at all. I do plan on shooting with more high quality gear than that.

But, a captured VHS feed is enough to get into the editing and post processing work, and get ready to be able to do this well when I get the actual equipment.
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